12 Questions you need to ask when visiting a Serviced Office in Hong Kong

Looking for a new serviced office or coworking space for your business is stressful and intimidating, especially if you are a first-timer. Most tenants are used to having their own traditional office and do not necessarily know how to ask the right questions. We consolidated a checklist of 12 important points and questions that you must be asking to ensure you pick the right location for your company.

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What are the perks of being in a newer building?
The address is one thing, but amenities within the building are also very important. You want to verify the lifts are properly maintained, the ground floor lobby is in good condition and the washrooms are clean.
How lunch break friendly is the district?
The address is one thing, but amenities within the building are also very important. You want to verify the lifts are properly maintained, the ground floor lobby is in good condition and the washrooms are clean.
How do you access the building?
One of the first things you need to consider is building accessibility. If you are used to having a lot of clients meeting in your office, you may want to focus on buildings located on the main road and that can be easily accessed by taxi or public transportation. On the contrary, if your business does not require you to invite clients to your office, you can consider options that are slightly more remote and save that extra buck.
For a company looking at serviced offices in Central, a client-facing business may want to be located on Queen’s Road Central or Des Voeux Road Central. Contrariwise, if you use the space to host your online business, you may want to focus on spaces located on Pottinger Street or Wyndham Street.
When can I access my office?
Most serviced offices provide 24/7 access for their tenants. Better double-check with the operator first as some may limit the access during the weekend.
How does the reception work?
Each serviced office has its reception and house rules. Some receptions are constantly operational during working hours (9 am to 6 pm) while others do not have a receptionist during lunchtime. We recommend you to ask the reception working hour to ensure your lunchtime client does not get stuck at the main entrance.
Can I have my branding within the space?
Some of our clients ask if they can display their company name and logos on the company directory located on the ground floor, in the main entrance of the serviced office, in their office corridor, and on their door. Each serviced office has its own policy and it can certainly be negotiated.
What is the minimum contract length? Can I get an option to renew?
Operators are flexible on this topic. They ideally want you to sign the longest contract duration possible (12 to 24 months contract). However, they can do as little as a 3 months contract to start or can sometimes entertain your request for a monthly rolling contract. Keep in mind that the longer you commit, the more discount you will have. Some service providers include an option to renew their contracts. Make sure to understand if they will base their renewal price based on your current discounted price or the original price they quote for the private office.
What are the benefits included in the package?
Most of the centers have a lot of amenities and benefits their tenants can enjoy for free. Most of the tenants leasing a private office will get meeting room/conference room credits, use the common area for free, access to the pantry (tea, coffee, water, snacks), high-speed WIFI, 24/7 access, reception services, mail handling, and cleaning.
Can you use other locations within the same brand?
Being able to host your client meetings and work in different locations is a plus. Some providers allow their clients to use all their locations around the city/country/world by seating in their common area (using the hot desk area or lounge) and using their meeting room/conference room.
Can serviced office operators cater to my IT requirements?
Most of the serviced office operators are offering a wide range of IT services. Fixed IP line, server rack, SFC approved server cabinets, projector, video conferencing system, telephone line. Name it, they probably have it. However, make sure to ask for the price list as adding IT services will inflate your monthly rental package.
Do I get only 1 invoice per month?
Yes. Your monthly rental plus all the additional costs (IT, Meeting Room, …) will be listed into your end of the monthly invoice.
For how long the serviced office has been leasing the office?
This question is extremely important. You can and need to ask the salesperson for how long the serviced office has been operated within the building and how many months/years are left on their tenancy agreement with the Landlord. It happens (luckily, not that often) that the operator shut down one of its premises. Most of the operators will provide potential relocation options within the same district but no matter what happens, the client needs to relocate.
At Nextspace, we do not need to ask these questions anymore as we already know the answers. We work with operators daily to ensure our clients get the best office rental package possible. We make the whole process of sourcing, gathering quotations, arranging viewings, and negotiating a painless and hassle-free process for all our clients. We make sure they have all the information needed to make the right decision. Contact us today to discuss your next office requirement.
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