Serviced offices are a private and enclosed workspace that can be fully tailored to your professional and corporate needs. No renovation are needed, and one single invoice is delivered to the client at the end of each month, which covers everything from cleaning to pantry to rental price.

Unlike coworking space where tenants work in an open space surrounded by other companies, the serviced office are ideal for SMEs and MNCs that are looking for a more flexible real estate solution. 

Each client is unique. We ensure we recommend the most suitable options that match our clients’ requirements in terms of locations, pricing, and special requirements such as meeting room credits and IT needs.

The benefits of using Nextspace to find your next Private Workspace


With 98 locations carefully shortlisted by our team of serviced office and coworking space experts, you can be sure to find a location that matches your requirements in terms of location, pricing and decoration.

Bargaining Power

Both pricing and lease duration are negotiable with a serviced office. From a month-to-month lease to a 12 months contract, you will have the opportunity to find the perfect workspace for your company. 

Ready to Move-in

Every private office listed on our website is fully furnished and comes with comfy office chairs, adjustable standing desks (optional) and pedestals. Some operators also offer a list of free furniture you can choose to upgrade your office space.

Efficient and Free

We assist you in finding your ideal workspace. We provide each client with a tailored quotation within 24h. After shortlisting options, we bring the client on a tour and negotiate his preferred location. The whole process is painless, hassle-free and can save you up to 48% in rent after negociation.

You can also use our filtered search to narrow down your research by districts.

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